Udara London – Husband and wife duo launch luxury Online Fashion and Lifestyle Retail Store.

Udara London, Udara, Online retailer

Husband and wife duo launch luxury Online Fashion and Lifestyle Retail Store. 

London, UK; 12/01/2021: A Nigerian British couple has launched a luxury online Fashion and Lifestyle Shop amid covid19 challenges.  Udara London is  home for modern fashion rarity and authentic fashion and lifestyle of the highest quality.

The covid19 undoubtedly has been a menace on our way of life and has most definitely hit businesses the hardest, especially those of hospitality, entertainment and events. 

The couple, Emeka and Faustina Anyanwu are no newcomers to the world of business nor are they new to the challenges and obstacles. In the last 9 to 10 months since the arrival of coronavirus, the couple who are co-founders of Faunteewrites publishing, C. Hub Magazine and Divas of Colour were completely challenged on the way forward as their business came to a complete halt.

As Faustina has always said, ” as humans, we must be fluid in our abilities.” With that in mind, Emeka and Faustina Anyanwu went back to work, quietly crafting out how to bounce back and they have revisited their other passion project – Udara fashion and lifestyle retail shop.  

Udara London- a name derived from the precious African fruit – Udara,  to build partnerships with brands around the world to deliver authentically and exclusively designed products that are not found on the high streets.

Speaking about the new venture, Faustina said, “the wind of change is an integral part of life. It can either blow you forwards or into oblivion. What directs how this wind blows often depends on how we see it. Whether an opportunity to learn and grow or time to wallow in pain and pity. It is this mindset that has guided us through the hoardles of business since we began in 2012. 

The co-founder, Emeka Anyanwu said, “our vision has always been to give independent creatives from around the world the platform to reach their own business goals. And we have only done that since venturing into business in the UK as immigrants, whether it’s with our C. Hub Magazine, Divas of Colour or our publishing platform – Faunteewrites Publishing.”

We are looking forward to working with a carefully selected number of designers and creatives we’ve worked with on Divas of colour over the years.”


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